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Get the expertise you need to architect your marketing strategy, create & manage your roadmap, and build your marketing team. A CMO, when and where you need it.

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Hit The Ground Running
Hit The Ground Running
A Fractional CMO jumps into the deep end of your business to quickly learn your customers and scale exceptional growth.
A Trusted Partner
A Trusted Partner
A Fractional CMO can drive the most growth when acting from inside the organization, not like an independent consultant.
Help Build Your Team
Help Build Your Team
A Fractional CMO will assist your company in growing your marketing department's team, skill set, and knowledge base.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO or CMO-for-Hire is a marketing executive that is hired by a company that needs the knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience, just not on a full time basis. A Fractional CMO is best for a company with $1-50M in annual revenues who need leadership in strategy and growth.

Go-To-Market Strategy

A Fractional CMO will be in charge of GTM strategy for your company. They will lead buyer persona development, provide oversight of your value proposition, messaging pillars, primary messaging, positioning, messaging themes, brand voice, brand guidelines, and own the roadmap to execute their strategy.

Account Based Marketing

Whether you're a B2B, B2C, or B2B2C company, ABM is the future of 360 degree marketing, ensuring that the right person, receives the right message, at the right time to drive action. Our extensive process can drive your marketing strategy forward, help your teams align, and deliver predictable pipeline growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fractional CMO?
A fractional Chief Marketing Officer is a marketing executive who can perform multiple marketing functions. This type of executive is typically responsible for driving sales, developing, and implementing marketing programs, and overseeing all aspects of the company's marketing strategy. A fractional CMO is the best way to grow your company while protecting your investment. Fractional CMO is a new service, which allows you to outsource certain tasks to a virtual staff. This includes marketing, social media, administrative work and more.
What should I look for in a fractional CMO?
A fractional CMO is a marketing consultant that provides a variety of services to their clients. A fractional CMO is more cost-effective and time-efficient than hiring individual employees for each task, as well as leveraging the company's expertise in one area to provide services in another. Fractional CMOs should be highly specialized in marketing, with additional capabilities in other areas like technology or strategy. CMOs are assigned the responsibility of leading day-to-day operations in their company. They will oversee marketing initiatives and have a hand in any sales decisions. It requires excellent leadership skills, communication skills, and strategic thinking
Who should use a fractional CMO?
Fractional CMO Services are best utilized by businesses with between $2 and $20M in annual revenue, who are looking for someone to lead their marketing growth to the next tier but can’t afford the full-time cost of an experienced CMO. A Fractional CMO is also a great choice for any company who is looking for a go to market strategy or wants to get started with account-based marketing.
How does a fractional CMO work?
A fractional CMO is an experienced marketing leader who works closely with you to solve your most pressing needs. Fractional CMOs are flexible and can help you get the right person into the right seat at the right time. A fractional CMO is an expert problem-solver who brings deep expertise in areas like sales, marketing strategy or business development.
What is a Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy?
A go to market strategy is the plan you use to sell your product or service. Your go to market strategy should answer questions like: How will I reach my target customers? What are the best ways to reach them? How can I differentiate myself from competitors? It’s a guide to help you navigate the path from idea to execution. A go to market strategy is used by companies of all sizes and stages, but it’s especially important for startups and product launches. It helps you figure out what to do next, when to do it and who will help you get there. It’s based on the unique value proposition of your product, as well as how customer will purchase it.
What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy designed to reach and engage with specific target accounts through personalized interactions. ABM is ideal for companies that want to increase sales pipeline and lower costs per acquisition. B2B account-based marketing is a strategy that leverages customer data, technology, and insights to deliver more relevant messaging and more personalized experiences. ABM helps your sales team build stronger relationships with key accounts, identify new opportunities and close more deals.
Who should do Account Based Marketing?
Account Based Marketing is ideal for B2B companies that have a complex product, service, or solution to sell. If your product or service is easily explained in one sentence and sold online, ABM may not be the right fit for you. If you’re a small to medium business, ABM can help you get more out of your marketing spend. Your resources are limited, and you don’t have the budget to waste on broad campaigns that only reach a fraction of the people who need your services. By focusing on specific companies instead, ABM allows you to put more time into cultivating relationships with potential customers while also reducing your costs. Account based marketing is a great fit for companies that have a solid database of leads and prospects.
What are fractional CMO services?
Fractional CMO services are an effective way to use a Chief Marketing Officer's skillset without hiring them full-time. This can save organizations time and money by focusing on specific tasks that the CMO is skilled at. Fractional CMO services are becoming the norm for startups looking to boost their marketing efforts. These companies can provide a wide range of services from creating a sales package to managing digital advertising campaigns to executing complex marketing strategies.
Why hire a fractional CMO?
In the past few decades, marketing has changed from being a relatively simple business to one that needs a whole new level of expertise. With the rise of the digital age and an increased reliance on digital media, new skillsets are necessary to manage these channels effectively. A fractional CMO is an individual who has marketing expertise in these channels and can drive exceptional growth for your company at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.
What are a Fractional CMO’s responsibilities?
The fractional CMO is the ideal choice for a small to mid-sized business that has limited resources and needs to focus on specific areas of growth. A fractional CMO will provide part-time services, depending on your needs. A fractional CMO's responsibilities include managing marketing strategy and execution, researching new technologies, trends, and competitors, as well as leading brand, content, and your marketing team.
Who needs a Go To Market (GTM) Strategy?
The answer is simple: every startup that wants to succeed or company that is launching a new product or service. When you’re trying to figure out where your business fits in the market, it can be easy to get caught up in all the details of day-to-day operations. But taking time out once a quarter (or even once a month) to consider how your product or service will reach customers can help you avoid getting lost in the weeds. A go to market strategy is a comprehensive document that outlines who your customer base is, how you will reach them, and how you will sell to them. Without a go to market strategy, it can be difficult to know how or where to start building relationships with potential customers.
What are the benefits of doing Account Based Marketing?
Account-based marketing is a way for companies to focus their marketing efforts on the specific companies that are most likely to buy their products and services. This approach can be more effective than traditional marketing methods because it allows marketers to get in front of their ideal customers at just the right time. If you’re not doing account-based marketing, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business. ABM combines the best of both worlds in marketing — it’s focused and targeted, but also personal and relationship-driven. Here are some of the main benefits of account-based marketing: -It’s more measurable than other types of marketing. With ABM, you can track how many customers are acquired and where they come from. This makes it easier to measure ROI and make strategic changes if needed. It’s more cost effective than other forms of marketing. ABM helps companies focus on leads that have the most potential, which means they don’t have to spend money on people who aren’t interested in their product or service. It can improve your company’s reputation. When you focus on specific companies within a niche industry, you know what they need and can provide them with a high level of service that makes them happy—and likely referring others too Account based marketing is a great way for B2B companies to increase their sales pipeline. By focusing on specific accounts, you can increase revenue by getting more people in your top 20 accounts to buy from you each year. It’s also important to note that ABM is not an alternative to lead generation; rather, it’s a way to focus your efforts on the right accounts while still generating leads.
What does a fractional CMO do?
A fractional CMO is a marketing executive that can perform tasks in a wide range of areas. Some examples include strategy, creative, media buying and planning, account management, business development and analytics. The responsibilities of a fractional CMO are to evaluate and identify the needs of the company, implement strategies that align with the company’s goals, and monitor and report on progress.
What are the benefits of hiring a fractional CMO?
A fractional CMO can be a lifesaver for small business owners who are in need of marketing assistance. As their name suggests, these professionals typically work on a part-time basis, which means that they can provide tailored solutions to help your business grow. A fractional CMO is an experienced CMO who can share their expertise with a small business on a fraction of the cost. They can handle all facets of marketing such as branding, advertising, and public relations. Fractional marketing specialists can bring in new leads and close deals without being tied to one company.
What types of businesses does a fractional CMO work with?
Fractional CMOs work with a variety of businesses from start-ups to large corporations. They work with companies that are looking to develop their marketing strategy or those that are looking for help in executing the marketing strategy they already have in place. They also work with companies that are looking to expand their marketing strategy and those that need assistance on their online presence.
What is a Fractional CMO's salary?
According to a CMO’s salary averages $337,470, and that is before bonus, equity, benefits, and taxes. As the name implies, a fractional executive would make a portion of that amount, proportional to the amount of time they are working with your company. Luckily with a fractional executive, you also get to save the bonus, equity, benefits, and taxes.
How will a Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy help my business?
A go-to-market strategy is a plan to help you reach your customers and sell them what they want. It will help you understand how to attract the right customers, create value for them, and turn that into revenue. A good go-to-market strategy will help you build relationships with potential customers, get their feedback on new products or services before launch, identify marketing channels that work best for your business model, define pricing structures that will make sales profitable—and much more.
What does account based marketing look like?
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on strategically targeting key accounts and audiences. Instead of pushing your message out to everyone to reach as many people as possible, ABM identifies who your best customers are and focuses all your efforts on reaching them. Account based marketing is a way for companies to target their marketing efforts at specific accounts. This is done by building a list of accounts that you want to target, then using that list as the basis for your marketing campaigns. Account based marketing is a process that works with your sales team to identify and prioritize accounts for focused outreach. ABM can be used as an alternative to traditional marketing tactics, or it can be used in conjunction with them. Account based marketing is a strategy that focuses on building strong relationships with the people who have decision-making power within your target accounts. These are typically high-value customers who are more likely to buy from you and recommend your brand to others.
How much does a fractional CMO cost?
According to a CMO’s salary averages $337,470, and that is before bonus, equity, benefits, and taxes. A fractional CMO comes in at a fraction of just the salary number. A fractional CMO is an investment in your company's future and can increase revenue by up to 300% for some companies. The services of a fractional CMO vary, but they will generally be spread across the following areas: finance, technology, marketing, sales, and operations. A fractional CMO is a cost-effective solution for companies that want to hire an experienced Chief Marketing Officer on a part-time basis. Benefits include increased flexibility, reduced personnel costs, and a more focused executive leadership team.
Why do you need a fractional CMO?
A fractional CMO is a person who takes on the responsibilities of a Chief Marketing Officer but only for certain areas or projects. This person can be used by organizations to fill in any gaps that may exist in their marketing team, or to complete specific tasks that need attention but not full-time attention. The fractional CMO is a new trend, which has emerged in the last few years. It is a way for companies to hire an executive-level marketing professional to work on a specific project with their team. The fractional CMO can be hired for different purposes and can be an effective solution for companies that don't have the budget for a full-time position. A company should hire fractional CMOs if they want to make decisions quickly and want to get results as soon as possible. They are also good if the company wants someone who can take on multiple responsibilities at once or if they are looking for someone with experience in other fields such as finance, engineering, or law.
Who is a fractional CMO best for?
A fractional CMO is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking to get a marketing expert on a part-time basis. They have lower overhead costs, so they can pass their savings on to you. A fractional CMO would be best for a company with a mid-sized budget. They work with the management team to provide guidance on marketing and strategy, but they do not come with the costs and commitments related to a full time Chief Marketing Officer.
How can a fractional CMO help your business?
In the past few decades, marketing has changed from being a relatively simple business to one that needs a whole new level of expertise. With the rise of the digital age and an increased reliance on digital media, new skillsets are necessary to manage these channels effectively. A fractional CMO is an individual who has marketing expertise in these channels and can drive exceptional growth for your company at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.
Why do I need a Go To Market (GTM) Strategy?
A go-to-market strategy is a key component of an effective startup. It helps founders understand how they plan to bring their product or service to market and provides them with a roadmap for getting there. A go to market strategy is a document that outlines how you plan to sell your product or service. It includes information about your target audience, potential customers, competitors and more. A well-thought out go to market strategy can help you find the right markets for your product, reach them, and generate sales leads.
Who needs Account Based marketing?
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is an ideal marketing strategy for any B2B company who wants to ensure that they are focusing their marketing efforts and dollars against the most ideal target accounts for their company. This is an ongoing process of identifying target accounts that fit your company’s ideal customer profile and through data driven personalization reaching out to the individual people that make up the buying committee at those ideal accounts. If you’re in need of more consistent pipeline and more reliable MQLs & SQLs, ABM is right for you.